the roots

From design right through to production.

We draw on expertise, knowledge, human resources and diverse sources of technology

to design and manufacture ergogenic fabrics to help improved sports performance.

About Taiana

Textile company since 1933

Tessitura Taiana Virgilio is a textile company in Como. The story of Taiana is long, and is that of a company that has made its own contribution to making Italy a unique place for manufacturing.
It is part of a creative and cultural outpost that has always anticipated rather than follow trends. Tessitura Taiana Virgilio was established in 1933 and is today a truly modern company,

with roots that run deep with its great awareness of and respect for an extraordinary tradition. It is representative of all that is excellent in Italian industry, built on courage and dedication, innovation and a product culture characterised by responsibility and forward thinking.

Tessitura Taiana Virgilio lives very much in the present but is a combination of all of its history and all its future wrapped together. Everything has changed over the years and yet nothing has changed as regards that pioneering spirit at the core of its cultural heritage. So this is its story, which we would like to share with you here.

About Kinetech®

Passion and dedication

The Kinetech® project is rooted in the textile culture of Tessitura Taiana Virgilio. This Como textile company began life as a manufacturer of fashion fabrics back in the nineteen eighties. The idea was that of the founder Virgilio Taiana and started to use the first elastic fibres. From that initial spark there has followed a relentless and constant process of innovation driving the creation of whole new lines of stretch fabrics for sports.

The Kinetech® brand came into being at the start of the millennium with the arrival of the third generation of the company. Standing on the shoulders of already-acquired textile knowledge, it steered the levels of technological input into fabrics to ever greater heights.
Kinetech® is founded on a passion for high-level sport and the high levels or energy and competitiveness that only a young and sporty team can bring to an enterprise acting in first person.

They have a real desire to reach new peaks in performance, never resting on their laurels when successes are achieved. At the same time they ceaselessly seek out and introduce new technologies which might be drawn from quite other sectors of industry. These are then employed in innovative ways to move the textile industry forwards and beyond its established confines.

Our Mission

To use our acquired expertise, human resource and inter disciplinary technologies to invent, design

and manufacture ergogenic fabrics that helps athletes achieve higher sporting performance.

What does ergogenic mean? Ergogenic aids are external elements designed to improve physical performance. They may be physical aids such as ergogenic fabrics or they may be pharmacological aids, physiological aids or nutritional and psychological aids.

The ergogenic aids can directly affect the human body’s ability to perform, removing physiological impediments that impact on performance or increasing recovery speeds after training or competition.

- Fabrics that reduce air resistance
- Fabrics that improve blood circulation
- Fabrics that provide muscular support

- Fabrics that reduce rises in body temperature
- Fabrics that protect the body from falls
- Fabrics that improve muscle recovery after physical effort
- Fabrics that improve hydrodynamics
- Fabrics that provide biofeedback



There is no innovation without investment. Tessitura Taiana Virgilio has always made major investments to keep it ahead of the rest in terms of its manufacturing and its organisation. A vertical production cycle has been established over the years through acquisitions of leading companies at various stages in the production chain. There has been continuous development in innovation both in the machines used and also in the management systems.
The manufacturing process is lean and smart, where improvements in procedures and products have remained the main focus and the paramount objective.

Continuous attention to every stage of production, constant quality control throughout the whole production cycle and scrupulous attention to the obtaining of best possible results are the strengths upon which the company relies. Over the years this perpetual motion has enabled Tessitura Virgilio Taiana to present itself as an example of real excellence in latest generation textiles.