The process

Innovation and constant evolution.

Our quality range is constantly evolving with innovations in the materials used and the manufacturing process employed, as well as discoveries emerging from medical and sports research.

With impetus from the desire to make ever-higher performing fabrics, ever more relevant to the sportsperson’s needs, KINETECH ensures its fabrics embrace features specifically designed to offer real advantages in diverse sports.


Our ranges of quality products are constantly evolving with the use of new materials and manufacturing processes and from the discoveries coming out of medical and sports research. As an additional impulse for the production of ever-higher performance fabrics, and those that meet the specific needs of our customers, we also design and produce fabrics that are purpose-made according to individual requests.

The customisation process relates to three different areas:
1. Colour variations to the customer’s indications
2. Changes in appearance or design to the customer’s instructions
3. Changes to the chemical and physical characteristics of the fabric according to the customer’s instructions

Our role in the fabric customisation process is to fully understand the customer’s needs in terms of performance and appearance and then to harness all our resources to translate these into the technical requisites that will achieve the desired results.

The customisation process embraces a total problem solving approach with great use of lateral thinking. Logic problems and challenges are approached indirectly by observation and by studying the problem from different angles, unlike in the traditional approach which focussing on direct solutions for the problem.


Followed at 360°

A. Customer briefing
B. Determination of performance target

  • mechanical characteristics
  • performance characteristics
  • aesthetics

C. Identifying the product's technical characteristics

  • raw materials
  • fabric structure and weave
  • ennobling stage
  • appearance and touch

D. Manufacture of sample fabric
E. Manufacture of first fabric batch
F. Production

Intellectual property and Exclusivity

Taiana has always distinguished itself over the years by its adherence to the strictest of confidentiality code regarding any technical or commercial information that may come into our possession.
The collaboration process is typically dealt with by signing an NDA that lays the platform for the free and open discussion

that is fundamental for a proper understanding of our customer’s particular needs.
If so requested by the customer we are open to assuring the exclusivity of the product to protect the ideas and offer our customers a commercial advantage.

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