the roots

The newest, most innovative fibres and processes.

Only the strength that comes with experience, research, constant and rigorous experimentation and physical trials with on-field data

can yield results that make it possible to offer athletes a way to significantly improve their athletic performance.


Shuttle weave elasticated

Normally knitted fabrics are employed in sportswear. They have production advantages such as low cost and a high degree of fabric elasticity due to the yielding structure of the weave.
Kinetech® woven fabrics are used only for high quality technological garments because their complexity means that it is a slow and expensive process to make them.

To create high performance woven fabrics the starting point must be yarns of excellent quality with a non-yielding structure, since the stretch depends on the type of weave and the yarns used. The result is that the woven fabrics offer unique characteristics that make Kinetech® garments particularly high performing and able maintain constant performance over time.


- Great elasticity: the fabric follows the movements of the body even in the most heated and exciting sporting moments where there is a rapid succession of concentric and eccentric muscle work.
- A high return force, or modulus of elasticity score, with resulting greater muscle compression for the same weight, with less muscle fibre vibration and hence reduced muscle fatigue.
- Consistency of performance over time with clothes lasting longer and having more constant levels of performance even when used over and over again.

- Continuous elasticity, with smaller stretch differences between different parts of the fabric, or between successive batches.
- Greater coverage for the same weight, with garments that stay less transparent even when the lighter colours are used.
- Greater UV protection.
- Greater resistance to pilling and bobbling because the surface is more firm and compact.
- Longer lasting elasticity due to the greater protection provided against external agents such as chlorine and sweat etc.

Elastic module


and Innovation

It is only from the experience gained from years of research, from constant and meticulous experimentation and above all from physical trials in the field, that you can put yourself in the position of being able to offer the athlete a tool that is capable of significantly improving sporting performance.
Close collaboration with leading universities, with science institutes and bodies, the pioneering use of the latest fibres and innovative manufacturing processes have together enabled the

Kinetech® lab to earn a reputation as absolute reference point for extreme textile research.
For this reason all Kinetech® branded products are registered and protected so that the user is assured the exclusive technological content of all each of the fabrics. Strict stress tests are always carried out that certify that every single centimetre of fabric meets the highest technological standards and complies with all REACH regulations.

Key characteristics


Highly resistant to rips
and tears even
when subjected to extreme stresses.

Quad Stretch

Fabric that stretches
in 4 directions
(i.e. vertically, horizontally, and along the two diagonals)

Fast Drying

Dries immediately
after use in water.


extremely fine and light fabric
that wears like
a second skin

Chlorine resistant

resistant to frequent use
in chlorinated water.
The high stretch qualities remain
after multiple uses and the colours stay bright.


Fine hydrodynamic qualities
with low resistance
on movement through water


from UV radiation.


High muscle compression
for improved
athletic performance.


Highly transpiring fabric
for best possible dissipation
of body heat and sweat

Sand Resistant

Fabric with great
self-cleaning qualities
after contact with sand.


Very high-stretch

Pilling Resistant

Highly resistant
to bobbling or pilling
after subjected to rubbing.

4D Fit

Real comfort
even when worn
when carrying out
extreme movements