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Technology at the service of fabrics.

We design and manufacture stretch fabrics for high-level sports clothing.
The range of products focuses primarily on the needs

of aerobic sports like swimming, cycling and running. KINETECH fabrics have special characteristics that give the athlete an edge in a number of different sports.


Fabrics designed to give protection from cold, wind, rain and snow.
The Wolf range is of the Hybridshell family of fabrics that brings together great weather protection and an excellent capacity for transpiration. X-light is the family of high water column membraned fabrics.


A range of fabrics that interact with the human body.
Not only do they respond to body signals but also put out signals that improve the athlete’s performance.


Extremely light and thin fabrics with an excellent lightness-compression-cover ratio.


Stretch fabric with a high elastic modulus.
High compression levels confer control, stability and improvements to the microcirculation.


Fabrics with conduction properties.
Carbon, silver and a series of conducting fabrics are integrated into the Kinetech stretch fabrics.


Aerodynamic fabrics that help reduce the drag coefficient.
They are designed for sport where speeds through the air exceed 30 km/h. They are made with textures tested in wind tunnels for the greatest reduction in volume drag.


Complex fabrics with multiple characteristics that are strategically positioned to maximise functionalisation.
Very diverse degrees of compression, elasticity, protection, aerodynamics and transpiration are integrated into different areas of the same fabric.


Stretch fabrics with adhesive and gripping surface.


Stretch polyester fabrics that can take transfer printing.
Broad range of weights and surfaces.


Protective fabrics.
Differently combined levels of weight/compression and protection. From graze-proof to cut resistant.


High visibility stretch fabrics with refracting materials, fluorescent materials as custom products.


Style and practicality coupled with fabrics with all the most technical features.
Glamorous fabrics for the production of garments for every occasion.